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Heated terraces for cool days

As the warmth of summer fades into the crisp chill of autumn, it becomes more and more difficult to justify sitting on the city’s lovely open air terraces. Students are drawn to the heat of the indoors and set up their Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps in preparation for another long winter. While most of the outdoor terraces will be closing soon, a select few will remain open and heated through the colder months so Montrealers can get their daily dose of Vitamin D without sacrificing warmth.

Café Olimpico

124 rue St-Viateur O

Hours: 6 a.m.12 a.m., every day

Price: $

Café Olimpico, which opened in the Mile-End in 1970, has become a beloved neighbourhood staple. This café is open 18 hours every day, making it an ideal location for hours of uninterrupted work. There are a variety of work spaces, from window seating to a dimly lit quiet area in the back. People funnel in and out all day, and the baristas are friendly with every customer. The light music playing in the background is punctuated by the chatter of regulars and visitors. Olimpico’s coffee has been named among the best in Montreal numerous times, and the café was even ranked in the top 50 cafés in the world by The Telegraph. Everything from the coffee to the desserts is simple but made with care. Their terrace stays open all year round and, during the winter, it becomes a cozy annex separated from the bustling cafe where patrons can enjoy sanctuary on a cold day while bathing in the warmth of this aromatic coffee shop.


1219 rue Crescent

Hours: 2 p.m.3 a.m. SundayWednesday, 12 p.m.3 a.m. ThursdaySaturday

Price: $

Brutopia is a dark and cozy, slightly elevated dive bar with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. This brewpub in the heart of downtown boasts more than live music and specialty beers. During the winter months, their open air terrace is heated and becomes a haven to enjoy good times and fresh air in the safety of a toasty annex. The terrace is simple, just like most of the establishment, but not to be overlooked. There are lots of tables and the terrace itself is very spacious, so there is no need to worry about finding a seat. Brutopia has live entertainment every night of the week starting at 10 p.m., including an open-mic jam session every Sunday and trivia every Monday. As the name suggests, this pub is home to an active brewery, with a weekly rotating beer list. It’s perfectly suited to a chill night out with friends.

Bar Suzanne

20 ave. Duluth E.

Hours: 4 p.m. 12 a.m. SundayWednesday, 4 p.m. 3 a.m. ThursdaySaturday

Price: $$

To say that Bar Suzanne has plants would be an understatement. Plants cover the beam system that runs overhead, and the rest of the room has potted plants and leafy wallpaper. The plants on the beams are really an intermediary for your eyes; the true beauty lies just behind them. Looking beyond, it is clear that the reason all the greenery is able to thrive is because of the skylight that makes up the majority of the ceiling, bathing the entire bar in natural light to offer patrons a terrace feel while remaining fully covered. Students looking for a deal can head over for happy hour and watch the natural light fade, leaving the glow of the candles that stand on every table. Bar Suzanne serves dumplings and specialty cocktails, but they also offer an extensive beer and wine list. As their website says, Bar Suzanne offers “enough to stay out late, but gently.” 


1045 ave. Laurier O.

Hours: 11:45 a.m.-12 a.m. weekdays, 10:00 a.m.-12 a.m. weekends

Price: $$$

Leméac is a classic French bistro off of Avenue du Parc, close to Jeanne-Mance Park. Their covered patio remains open year-round and, in winter, has a direct view of the street. The best way to take advantage of everything this bistro has to offer is to head over for brunch on the weekend, where their heated patio provides a protected place for people-watching while you enjoy one of their delicious breakfast plates. Another way to enjoy this renowned restaurant while saving your wallet is by ordering off of the late night menu, a fixed-price menu served after 10 p.m. As the day turns to night in Leméac, the lights bathe the restaurant in a warm glow, maintaining the same inviting ambiance for the late night guests as for the brunch patrons. 

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    So interesting and inviting… I wish I could try them all but I live in Los Angeles!!! This article is concise and well written… Congratulations!

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