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Four McGill friendships everyone is guilty of having

With over 40,000 students, McGill is a hub for social interaction, where every conversation between students has the potential to initiate a lifelong friendship. In addition to their ride or dies, all students have a couple of friends that they may not want to admit to having. To highlight these overlooked partnerships The McGill Tribune created a list of friendships that all students share.

The One With All The Lecture Notes (TOWATLN)

This reliable friend is one that everyone’s thankful to have. We all know that one person who miraculously always makes it to every 8:30 a.m. lecture and whose notes look like they could be something out of an Oxford textbook. In addition to being super cool, super nice, and maybe even super funny, this is the friend who will be there to guide you through your final exam. Have a Wednesday 8:30 a.m. conflicting with your Tuesday Café Campus plans? No worries, TOWATLN’s got you. Haven’t been doing the readings all semester long? TOWATLN has them in  a compact, two-page, bulleted document ready for you to look over. And when the murky tide of final exams rolls in and threatens to drown you whole, don’t forget to save TOWATLN a seat in McLennan for your last minute tutoring session.

The Forgotten Frosh Bestie (TFFB)

Remember the joyous days of Frosh when the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everything smelled of new beginnings and beer? Specifically, remember that one friend you shared those days with, who, although you had only just met them, managed to see you at your best and definitely at your worst all in four days? We call this one TFFB because— chances are—even though you thought you two would be besties forever and live out your McGill career side by side, your paths diverged within two days of Frosh week ending. TFFB knows all your darkest secrets that you drunkenly confessed while they were holding back your hair after power hour, has seen you get wet and wild at Beach Day, and is always there to exchange an awkward ‘hey’ when you bump into each other at the Y-intersection.

The One You Know from High School (TOYKFHS)

While some students are lucky enough to have made it to McGill with a high school bestie, chances are most of us came to McGill with one or two acquaintances that we would have never described as anything more than just “classmates” back home. This is the pal you always knew existed but never spoke a word to in all four years of high school. Fast-forward to a few months after high school graduation, and here you are running into those same people—in a new school, new city—on the other side of the country or halfway across the world. And whether it’s been months or years since those high school days, you still find yourself forcing an awkward smile and wave as you run into them amid the confused crowd of students rushing in and out of Leacock 132. But don’t worry: You’re sure to have plenty of time for more painful small talk when you inevitably find them sitting next to you on your flight back home.

The One With The Cute Friend (TOWTCF)

Now although you love TOWTCF, you love how cute their friend is even more. Spending time with TOWTCF is always a blast—as long as they bring the cute friend along. Let’s be real, all you want is an excuse to get closer to their friend in hopes of a potential hookup or romance. We won’t call this friendship opportunist, but hey, it’s the survival of the fittest out here and you’re doing nothing but using your opportunities wisely.

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