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Day in the life of a McGill student: Outfit edition

Walking around campus sometimes feels like walking the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. And by sometimes, I mean every day. McGill’s got a fashion culture––a big one. A 10-minute walk to class can have you passing by people draped in floor-sweeping trench coats, balanced on mile-high platforms, and sporting some looks that you’d only see in Vogue. 

But with the hectic student life, how do people do it? What does the process look like? Where is the inspiration coming from? How is everyone turning out show-stopping looks on random Wednesdays? The McGill Tribune sat down with some of McGill’s most fashionable students to find out.

8:30 am – Going to class

Starting bright and early at 8:30, Rebecca Yates, U1 Arts, dons a white button-up shirt, a fuzzy sweater, and a black mini-skirt layered underneath a leather jacket.

Yates usually builds her outfit around one piece that she really wants to wear and finds others to complement it. If it’s a sunny day, she’ll pick out a cute skirt that she’s feeling and then expand outwards. Her style is all about comfort because of the confidence she gains from that, so just 10 minutes before class, she’ll pick pieces that make her feel her best and boldest. 

If all else fails, she tells me, she’ll grab jeans and a baseball cap. 

When describing her style, Yates explains that she gravitates towards whatever makes her feel like the coolest version of herself.

“When I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘OMG I feel so cute right now’ […] you feel like the best version of yourself,”  Yates said in an interview with the Tribune.

4:00 pm – Chilling at home

You can find Leena Demers, U2 Arts, lounging around her house in an oversized t-shirt, yoga pants, a cozy sweater, fuzzy slippers, and maybe even some sunglasses.

From both talking to Demers and observing her style, you get the sense of deep thoughtfulness, analysis, and so much passion. For Demers, all of her outfits revolve around colour and asking herself how she can make something that best represents her.

A seasoned fashion enthusiast, Demers is inspired by style icons like Vivienne Westwood, Halston, Ralph Lauren, and of course, Ms. Bella Hadid. She describes her style as big and bold and we joked about how, when she’s walking through Redpath and heads are turning, she knows she’s put together something great.

7:00 pm – Gym Time

Lifting, squatting, or running on the treadmill, Ella Peck, U2 Arts, can be spotted in the gym in a periwinkle track jacket and matching Nike gym shorts.

Ella describes her style as comfy and cozy. She likes to be comfortable physically and feel good in whatever she has on. 

Timelessness and agelessness are pillars of Peck’s style.

“I love to find combinations of outfits that anyone, anywhere in the world could wear,” Peck said. 

10:00pm – Hitting St. Laurent

For a night out, Peck can be seen wearing an all-black ensemble. She sports a silky-black top with black leather pants and black heels, topping the look off with dangling sparkly earrings.

She explains that, when putting her outfits together, she loves to have one piece that her eyes are just drawn to, one thing that really pops.

Speaking to each of these fashionistas was extraordinary; you could tell that their energy, passion, and colourfulness in life are what shape and inspire their daily fashion choices. One thing everyone agreed on was that choosing pieces that make them the most comfortable, and in which they feel their best, is when they look their best too.  

“When you put clothes on that make you feel and look good, you’re going to exude your best self,” Demers said.

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