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Fitting out the fall semester

Thrifting for fall statements 

Yes, it’s only the end of September, but it’s already time to start getting your winter coats out. There are two main contenders for your go-to fall jacket in 2022. If you’re running late to class or need to layer up before going out on a Friday, an oversized leather jacket is the perfect option. It isn’t, however, the only lightweight fall coat that’s in style right now. Courtesy of Matilda Djerf, purchasing a pricey oversized blazer is a great excuse to start investing in timeless pieces and becoming more sustainable. 

Concerned that leather jackets and oversized blazers are just simple microtrends? You don’t need to commit. Thrift stores in Montreal are leather jacket havens, where you can find authentic leather jackets for as little as 15 dollars or seek out an old office blazer to keep around for a few years until they come back in style. 

Finally, the most notable fall trend of 2022: Loafers. A timeless shoe that never goes out of style but comes back in style every once in a while. They are for sure back this season and another easy find at your local thrift store. 

The necessity of neutrals 

The biggest challenge with lightweight jackets is their lack of insulation. Layering up underneath is the only way that you can make them work come the winds of October and November. Neutrals and basics are must-haves every season of the year, but especially in the fall. For one thing, they allow for aesthetically pleasing outfits. Second, with fluctuating temperatures and confusing weather patterns, layering is key so that you aren’t freezing in class, or worse, drowning in a pool of sweat. Basics include, but are not limited to, cable-knit sweaters, cardigans, fitted turtlenecks, plain tees, and tanks. Pair your neutrals with a funky accessory or clothing item and you are set. 

Fall flares 

Still adjusting to the start of a new semester? Wearing comfy clothes will help. The yoga flares made a return in the early 2000s and never left, so it might be time to hop on the trend if you haven’t already. Any sweater or hoodie with a pair of black yoga flares and you’ll already look more put together than the other 15 students who also woke up late and only had three minutes to put an outfit together. Their versatility makes them a go-to item for grabbing a coffee, heading to the gym, or attending lectures. You can dress them down in a pair of sneakers or dress them up with some platform boots—really, anything can work. You can get them cheap on Amazon or you can invest in some Lululemons if you want a long-lasting product. Even better, there are some super flattering waisted crossover V-shaped flares you can get at either Aerie or Aritzia. 

The power of fall accessories 

Accessories are an essential part of fall ’fits. When October and November roll around, additional measures must be taken to keep warm. Even in September, McGill students have been spotted wearing scarves around campus. Keeping your neck warm reduces muscle fatigue and tension because it helps maintain blood circulation. After hovering over your laptop for hours or taking notes at your desk until 2 a.m., your neck needs some relief! Scarves are convenient and contribute to your outfit in so many ways: A pop of colour, a touch of sophistication, a light-weight addition—allowing for tons of creative ways to wear them. 

Accompanying your scarf, you can wear a pair of fingerless gloves. Only really an option for fall or spring, fingerless gloves keep your hands moderately warm while offering some dexterity for typing and other manual tasks. Take advantage of the warm fall weather and wear your winter clothes as mere accessories rather than necessities––it won’t last long!

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