Ten Questions With Marie-Eve Martin, the Reggie Miller of Martlet basketball

The Tribune spoke with Martlet basketball player Marie-Eve Martin. Last year, the 5’7″ shooting guard led the team in made three-point FGs, with 50, and three-point percentage, at .403. She co-holds the team record for made three-pointers in a game with six.

What’s the day-to-day training schedule for a Martlet basketball player?

Usually we have school. Then, once or twice a week we have an individual practice which is pretty much one-on-one with the coach … And then usually we have practice in the evening, at least every day, and sometimes there’s the individual [practices] and weights, so that adds up. 

How long does all that take?

It’s roughly three hours a day, or less, depending.

Your brother played for Concordia, you play for McGill. Which is the stronger source of rivalry? Sibling? Or school?

I would play against Concordia and still go and high-five my brother. I would still cheer for him, [but] I wouldn’t cheer for Concordia. 

What allows you to be so cool under pressure?

It comes so naturally that … I guess it’s the end of the game, you’re focused, you’re in your zone, and you take the ball and you shoot and it’s the technique you’ve been using forever. That’s what it comes down to and if it goes in, it goes in.

Is it a matter of being clutch or just good?

I think it’s partly that you practice and you have a good shot  … and it’s a lot of luck. Like last year I hit a shot with 1.4 seconds left at Laval. Yeah, I practiced, I have a good shot, but the percentage chance that it would go in is very small.

How does it feel that the coaches have such confidence in your ability to score at the end of the game? 

It feels great to know that [Head Coach Ryan Thorne] has confidence that I will have a shot at the end of the game if it’s a close game and we need a three-pointer. It feels great to know that he has confidence in me, for sure.

Do you play or watch any other sports?

When I was younger I used to play soccer and stuff like that but from the age of eight until now all I do is play basketball. Sports-wise I don’t really watch anything else. I’m not a big fan of watching sports. I like doing, more than anything else.

Who would you say is your basketball role model?

I’ve always said it was my brother because he showed me how to play when I was younger. Not that I don’t have—you probably mean NBA players—I don’t really follow and watch much, but they’re all good so I guess they could all be my role models. But, for me, the one who really showed me the direction to go was my brother.

Do you have a specific pre-game meal? An ideal pre-game meal?

Not specific, but I always try to get my protein.

I guess—it’s funny because I’m kind of vegetarian but on the flexitarian side—but I was going to say I’d have a steak, which is very funny. I don’t really eat meat but before games I tend to have meat more than anything else … or a protein shake because I need to get my protein intake.

Does your team play any games like HORSE or 21? And if so, who’s the best?

We don’t really, but if I had to take a guess at who would be the best it would be Natalie Larocque on my team for sure. I would put my money on her. But there are two girls on my team who do a little bet every year. They shoot from [halfcourt] at the end of every practice—actually it’s Nat and Frances [Grout-Brown]—they … take a certain amount of shots and the one that hits it [first], she gets a point for that day. And at the end of the … year or at Christmas, they accumulate the points and whoever has the most wins and the other has to buy a gift for the winner.

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