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Sports 2013 Wishlist

As a huge basketball fan, it would be pretty great to see a non-superteam win the NBA Finals and hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the season. It would validate the fact that the NBA world isn’t dominated by a couple of superstars, and that true team-basketball is still the best kind of basketball.

Remi Lu

I wish that the NBA will bring back basketball to Vancouver. Otherwise, I hope that the Brooklyn Nets continue to ascend into the ranks of the elite—beating the New York Knicks in the process—and that someone from an NCAA conference other than the SEC wins the BCS Championship Game.

Mayaz Alam


My wish is for the return of the Quebec Nordiques. There is an obvious thirst for more hockey in La Belle Province. Numerous NHL franchises are currently struggling. Moving one of these teams to Quebec City would eliminate an economic bottom feeder—the kind that  is bleeding money and begging for help during the lockout. Having more hockey teams in Canada is better for the league. Period.

—Trevor Drummond

I would love to see Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos take home Superbowl XLVII, shutting down the New England Patriots in the process. As a Broncos fan, I’ve watched Peyton pick apart my team in many playoff games when he was a member of the Indianapolis Colts. A Superbowl win would more than make up for all those devastating losses.

Justin Simon

I’m blindly cheering for a drug-free Tour de France, with the ‘Manx Missile,’ Mark Cavendish, again showing that he’s the fastest thing on two wheels. Knowing I won’t make any friends with this, I’m hoping for a continued NHL lockout since it has greatly increased the coverage of sports I hold dearer and those that have improved my quality of life.

Jeff Downey

I, for one, want the NHL lockout to end soon. Not only will life be better with NHL hockey, but cancelling an entire season could prematurely end some great careers. Above all, my wish is that Daniel Alfredsson—a good person, a great leader, and a borderline Hall-of-Famer—gets to play at least one more game in the city he has adopted as his home, a city which bows at his feet.

Adam Sadinsky

Why do Raptors fans—myself included—go through this self-punishment every year? Do we watch to see Ben Uzoh record the Raptors’ only triple-double of the year; or do we watch to see the team finish in 8th place before being obliterated by Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat? Our well-dressed general manager’s time is up. This mess is his fault. In 2013, I want Bryan Colangelo expelled from the Toronto Raptors—and for good reason.

Filippo Furlano

I was born the year the Blue Jays won their first World Series. Since then, the Toronto sports scene has been fairly bleak, filled with the nasty combination of false hope and embarassment. However, with one major offseason trade, a Toronto team has finally become relevant again. My wish in 2013 is for the Blue Jays to make the MLB postseason, and remove the disappointment at the collective Toronto sports fans’ core. I don’t know if we can survive another year of mediocrity and heartbreak.

Steven Lampert

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