Pro-Crosby vs. Anti-Crosby


On the ice: Crosby is sure to go down in history as one of the best playmakers in the NHL, making his teammates better with tons of assists. He is a great defensive player, but good on faceoffs, too.

Behaviour: Crosby is idolized by thousands of young hockey players across the country. It’s a big responsibility, and one that he has handled well. He’s stayed out of the tabloids, and is involved with lots of charities. Crosby relishes his role as an ambassador, and helps to promote the game in Canada and around the world.

Olympics: He might not be the top goal scorer, but he came through in the clutch to win it for Canada. The attention opponents’ top lines paid to Crosby opened up space for other players like Toews, Perry, and Getzlaf.

How he makes me feel: In love, but also proud to be Canadian. Whether we like it or not, the best hockey player will be the best known Canadian around the world, so he’s the perfect person to represent it.


On the ice: Crosby spends more time whining about hats on the ice than handling the puck. Combined with avoiding fights and not playing aggressively, he might as well go back to playing Timbits hockey.

Looks: Crosby was hot when he was a dreamy 16-year-old. Now he’s 22, but he looks like he’s 14. Plus, a man who can’t grow a beard isn’t much of a man.

Olympics: His only point in the last three games was the game-winning goal in the final. He’s like that slacker who does no work and brings down your group mark, but aces the final.

How he makes me feel: Inadequate. At 22, he’s the same age as me and has won a Stanley Cup, Olympic gold medal, and millions of dollars. I’m going into my fifth year of undergrad.

Advantage: Pro-Crosby

All of the cons are inarguable, but ultimately Crosby is the man who scored the golden goal. If Paul Henderson is still milking his game-winning goal 38 years after the Summit Series, Crosby’s got to get at least two days of gratitude, eh?

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