McGill Redmen football: a damage report

John Kelsey

Ardent devotees of the varsity football team must be ready for psychiatric counseling.  Luckily, there aren’t many of them.  Those that remain have been shaken by five deflating losses.  Let’s have a look at the damage.

Game 1:  Laval blew out the Redmen 50-9 in Quebec City.   The Redmen could have recovered if they hadn’t lost starting QB Jonathan Collin for the season on a hit in the third quarter.  

Game 2:  In their home opener, the Redmen dropped an ugly match with Bishop’s in double OT, 26-17.  One Tribune reporter said it would have been a stretch to call it real football.

Game 3:  At halftime of the Fill the Stadium game, the Redmen had a promising lead and looked like they were going to send the rowdy fans home happy.  Concordia, though, had other plans, and took a permanent lead on a punt return with three minutes to go.  Concordia 34, McGill 29. Or perhaps Expectations 3, McGill 0. 

Game 4:  The fans who made the trek across the hill to watch the Redmen play at the University of Montreal came back reporting déjà vu.    Our boys had a ten-point lead over the third-ranked Carabins at halftime, and looked in position to nab a season-changing upset.   Unfortunately, they gave up 452 yards of net offence and 24 points in the second half, losing 24-11.

Game 5: At least they didn’t blow a lead.  They were never competitive against Sherbrooke, who rained on the Homecoming parade with a 34-8 win. 


The Redmen will spend the rest of the season trying to recover their dignity.  Even some normal losses would be nice…the blowouts and blown leads are hard to bear. 

My prayers are with them.

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