The five steps of slactivism

Lately, campus and much of  Montreal have been the stage for quite a number of political and social causes demanding attention. Many—if not most—of these causes are pretty important. A lot of them, such as paying workers fair pensions, are just generally good ideas. If every student was a really[Read More…]

Carrot-Zucchini bread

This zucchini-carrot bread uses the healthiness of vegetables to create a guilt-free alternative to your average brownie. Quick and easy to make using any fruit and nuts you have lying around, it’s easy to tweak the recipe for a range of dietary restrictions. The best part is that the veggies[Read More…]

Making the varsity cut

When Martlet Lacrosse captain Megan Halbrook went to the McGill Varsity Athletics website last May and found her team’s webpage missing, she had no idea what it signified. “I called the web page administrator in Athletics because I assumed something had gone wrong in the computer code,” Halbrook says. “She[Read More…]

Katy Perry : Teenage Dream

For an album that was touted as the cementing of Katy Perry’s abilities as a credible singer/songwriter, Teenage Dream sure missed the mark. It’s bubblegum pop at its most extreme (read: cotton candy-scented liner notes!), and most of the lyrics are about as trite and non-poetic as those on a[Read More…]

Don’t cheat on the queen

Sophie Silkes  As a broke college student, attending an opera can be jarring and strange: spectators are dressed to the nines, songs are sung in languages most of us don’t understand, actors are wearing over-the-top costumes, and melodramatic stories are being unfurled before us. But if you suspend your cynicism,[Read More…]

McGill baseball sets the bar for all other sports programs

The Redmen are National Champions. You aren’t going to hear that phrase often at McGill unless you’re talking about the baseball program, which won it all in ‘06, made the final in ‘08, and climbed to the pinnacle yet again this past weekend, winning the national championships. Despite entering the[Read More…]

When fantasy studs become studly fantasies

You know that indescribable feeling you have towards an athlete?  The one that goes beyond admiration? You can’t quite put a finger on it, but you get the same jolt through your veins every time you see them on television or read about them on the Internet. You don’t just[Read More…]

Srinagar: Capital of Conflict in Kashmir

Since the end of British rule in India in 1947, a territorial dispute between Pakistan and India has left the Kashmir Valley in continuous conflict. Despite some political divisions in the population, which is predominantly Muslim, the majority of Kashmiris want independence from India, and would like to see the regions of Jammu and Kashmir become a single, independent state.

The Indian government has worked hard to find solutions to this serious internal crisis, especially after pro-independence demonstrations erupted this past summer. Every effort to calm Kashmiris has proven futile, resulting in further unrest in the disputed territories.

CAMPUS: Just in case you had SSMU withdrawal…

The Students’ Society of McGill University is back and ready for a new year after a summer of hard work. But who are the personalities behind these photos? What do these power-wielders do with their three month break. Read through this handy guide to find out more about them and their plans for this year.

CAMPUS: SSMU delays handbooks

A recent controversy over the content of the SSMU handbook has resulted in a three week delay in its realease due to the firing of the two original editors. Genevieve Friesen and Sara Kipp-Ferguson, the original editors for the handbook, were let go in August when the finished product was deemed unacceptable by Students’ Society executives, said Vice-President University Affairs Finn Upham.

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