Hasty judgments hazardous in response to sexual assault

Three members of a varsity sports team are accused of sexual assault by a woman who does not attend their university. The story becomes public and, predictably, outrage ensues.  Groups on campus pressure the coach to discipline the players. The suspects are charged, and a trial is pending—but observers have[Read More…]

Lacrosse National Championships come to McGill

The Redmen have been the best team in the CUFLA this year. Following their Baggataway Cup victory last season, McGill has gone 10-0 against league opponents, winning games by an average margin of 10 points. The Tribune has prepared an overview of the Redmen lacrosse team in anticipation of this[Read More…]

Why McGill can’t “Pack the Stadium”

With nearly 40,000 students and an endowment that is upwards of $1 billion, McGill is no doubt a large and well-funded university. Despite this, attendance rates for sports games are low, and a general sense of apathy is palpable towards athletics at McGill. McGill’s athletic history, much like its academic[Read More…]

Redmen rookie Di Ioia anything but green

Redmen soccer star Massimo Di Ioia was introduced to the beautiful game at an early age and has lived for the sport ever since. The 26-year-old hails rom Saint Leonard, Quebec, and has travelled the world with the Canadian Junior National Team, and also had the opportunity to wear the[Read More…]

Beyond the Back Page: A Podcast

  Episode 11 – The Olympics and the Martlets Mayaz and Remi sit down with longtime Martlet Volleyball coach Rachele Beliveau to talk about the team, as well as her own  playing career, and her experience representing Canada in the 1984 Olympics. Download _________________________ Episode 10 – Out of the[Read More…]

Clément-Heydra broke out this season with 45 points. (versants.com)

Dynamic duo poised to return to national stage

Leslie Oles and Katia Clément-Heydra formed a dynamic duo on the McGill Martlets hockey team this past season. After the team went undefeated in regular season play, Clément-Heydra finished with 45 points, second only to teammate Mélodie Daoust in the country, while Oles tallied 36 points—good for sixth highest in[Read More…]

Taking pride in those who represent us

When you finish something you were heavily invested in, it’s natural to question whether it was all worth the effort; and if you’re a journalist, it’s natural to write a column like this. In my four years at the Tribune, I’ve had the opportunity to do some incredible things. I’ve[Read More…]

Around the Water Cooler

In case you were too busy finishing up midterms, or preparing for Passover, here’s what you missed last week in the world of sports …   HOCKEY — More Shanahan shenanigans on Thursday have left fans and players alike scratching their heads. Leafs winger Joffrey Lupul was slapped with a[Read More…]

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