Contributors from this year

Our contributors make this paper possible. Thank you! We love you. Mayaz Alam Rebecca Alter Mido Assran Emilio Assuncao Rebecca Babcock Hrant Bardakjian Max Berger Justin Berot-Burns Anand Bery Priyanka Biljani Ilia Blinderman Matt Bobkin Anna Bock Tara Boghosian Leah Brainerd Naomi Braude Tessa Bryant Kevin Caplice Meghan Chand Kegan[Read More…]

Sports 2013 Wishlist

As a huge basketball fan, it would be pretty great to see a non-superteam win the NBA Finals and hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the season. It would validate the fact that the NBA world isn’t dominated by a couple of superstars, and that true team-basketball[Read More…]

Point Counterpoint

On Nov. 19, the MLB approved a blockbuster 12-player deal between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Miami Marlins. The Blue Jays received an influx of proven, but injury-prone MLB talent, and sent a slew of top prospects to the Marlins. With the trade, many baseball analysts believe the Jays[Read More…]

Point Counterpoint

The Major League Baseball Wild Card round was held last weekend. The format introduced the expanded playoff system formulated by the MLB in March. Under it, an additional team from each league qualifies for the postseason, leaving them to compete in a single elimination game. Now that the system has[Read More…]

Changing America’s pastime

Major League Baseball has officially announced the addition of two wild card teams to its playoff format. The league’s owners and players’ union have agreed to add one team from both the National League and the American League, making 10 playoff teams in total. With three division winners and two[Read More…]

There’s no “Team” in Politics

On Jan. 23, the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins made a commemorative visit to the White House in order to have their accomplishment recognized by the country’s commander-in-chief. This ritual dates back to 1865, when President Andrew Johnson invited baseball teams to the White House to celebrate their victorious[Read More…]

Cunnyworth-less to Francophones

I once lived in a city where French and English people poked fun at each other regularly, with an exception occurring during a Habs game, where these two cultural groups were able to put their differences aside for 60 minutes of hockey. The Montreal Canadiens used to make the city[Read More…]

In Baltimore, it’s all about the stadium

Trevor Drummond In September 2004, the Expos played their final game in Montreal. Since there was no way I was going to cheer for the Washington Nationals, I chose to hitch my fandom to the Expos star player, Vladimir Guerrero, who signed as a free agent with the Anaheim Angels.[Read More…]

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