Super Bowl XLIX Preview

  The McGill Tribune sports section previews Super Bowl XLIX. Two writers square off to decide whether the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks will hoist the Lombardi Trophy. McGill personalities, native New Englander and Creative Director Hayley Lim, and native Seattleite and Managing Director, Jess Fu weigh in[Read More…]

Commenting Policy

The McGill Tribune seeks to promote a healthy discourse among McGill students and members of the greater McGill Community. We encourage all readers to comment on our articles and to voice their opinions in a respectful manner with regards to other commenters, contributors and staff of the McGill Tribune, and[Read More…]

Get involved

Since 1981, the Tribune has provided students a hands-on journalism learning experience, from the basics of conducting interviews to piecing together a complex investigative piece. A wide variety of content and a reputation for even-keeled reporting make us the perfect choice for learning the trade. Many of our editors have[Read More…]

Gerontophilia: an unconventional love story

Gerontophilia, the first ‘mainstream’ venture of provocative Toronto based director, writer, artist, and photographer Bruce LaBruce, is the beautifully shot story of Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie), an 18-year-old gerontophile (one who is sexually attracted to the elderly) and his love affair with 82 year old Melvin (Walter Borden). In the film,[Read More…]

Point counterpoint

In July 2013, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin signed a law which gave police officers the right to make arrests on the grounds of disseminating “gay propaganda.” A number of other anti-gay laws have since followed under Putin, creating a whirlwind of controversy. Two contributors weigh in on whether a boycott by athletes and nations of the 2014 Sochi Olympics would be a good idea.

Montreal-based website reveals new form of plagiarism

Academic personnel and services are reacting to the recent surfacing of, a Montreal-based website through which students can pay unemployed professors to write their essays. Students use the website to post their essay on a bidding forum, and the lowest bidding ghostwriter wins the project. Established in the fall[Read More…]

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