Exploring McGill’s scientific archives

You’ve read books on science, but have you ever thought about the science behind a book? Lauren Williams, curator of the Blacker Wood Natural History collection at the McGill’s Rare Books and Special Collections, sat down with Staff Writer Ronny Litvack-Katzman to talk about just that. From Issac Newton’s personal[Read More…]


The McGill Tribune is an independent, entirely student-run newspaper at McGill University, with a publication of 5,000 weekly print copies. It has covered McGill, Canada and the world since 1981. It features a wide variety of content – News, Opinion, Student Life, Features, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Sports,[Read More…]

McGill Drama Festival continues to impress

Every year, Player’s Theatre’s Drama Festival highlights the abundance of student talent that McGill’s theatre scene has to offer. Showing until Feb. 23, the festival offers six original short plays written, directed, produced, and performed by students. Stories that depicted everything from a first date between high-schoolers to an existential[Read More…]

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