Back to basics: Intimacies of the MontréaLive approach

When watching the perfectly engineered music videos of our generation, I can’t help but feel a sense of detachment from the actual music. To me, music represents an inherent connection to the raw emotion of the musician(s) who create it. MontréaLive serves to bridge the gap that plagues viewers like[Read More…]

Transitioning from CEGEP

With its pride of place in the heart of downtown Montreal, McGill is often seen as a global university, not solely a Quebec or Montreal institution. However, students from the province of Quebec make up a large portion of the university, comprising over two thirds of Canadian undergraduates and just[Read More…]

First student-run mental health conference confronts stigma

McGill’s first student-run conference on mental health took place last Saturday and featured guest speakers, discussions, and workshops aimed at addressing the impact and stigma of mental health, as well as discussing possible solutions to these problems at McGill. Named “Students in Mind 2013,” the day-long event was attended to[Read More…]

Quebec Public Interest Research Group

McGill Tribune             Publicly funded social services and organizations exist because we value the role they play in keeping our communities—whether nationally, locally, or campus-based—healthy, supportive, and inclusive. Canadians fund affordable housing, women’s shelters, employment programs and public advocacy groups because we believe that they[Read More…]

Motion moves SSMU towards vegan-friendly Shatner Building

Thanks to a motion passed last Thursday by the Students’ Society Council, McGill vegans may soon have more food options available to them in the Shatner Building. The motion, put forward by Emil Briones, the representative from the Faculty of Music requires SSMU to encourage its food service tenants to offer more vegan-friendly choices, though it does not mandate tenants to provide vegan options.

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