Forbidden fruits and vegetables

In her feature, Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford narrates her experience with Pollen Food Syndrome, an allergy to raw fruits and vegetables. She illuminates some of the safety issues and accessibility concerns, and looks at ways we can best support those with severe food allergies. Video by Sarah Ford.

Climate on Campus: ECOLE

As the second video of the series Climate on Campus, Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford explores the initiatives and goals of ECOLE, an on-campus sustainability organization. Video by Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford

Climate on Campus: Divest McGill

On November 12, Divest McGill, C-JAM, and Greenpeace McGill held a manifestation to pressure McGill to divest. Our Multimedia Editors interviewed members of Divest McGill and other climate activists in Montreal to discuss their demands, achievements in the climate justice movement, and what’s in store for climate groups on campus.[Read More…]

Tribune Presents: Societal Siege

Societal Siege dropped by our office and performed a mini-concert for our multimedia team, showcasing some unreleased music and samples from their new EP, Joseph Ziggler. Antoine, Drew, and Jacob bring a playful warmth to college rock which radiated through the newsroom. You can find Societal Siege’s music on Spotify,[Read More…]

Montreal Climate March | September 2019

On September 27, as part of a series of worldwide climate protests, Montreal held its second march for climate justice. The McGill contingent was organised by Climate Justice Action McGill (C-JAM), garnering around 3,000 students. 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg joined the greater Montreal rally, addressing a crowd of[Read More…]

19th Annual McGill Pow Wow

On September 20, members of the McGill and Montreal community gathered on Lower Field to participate in the 19th Annual Pow Wow hosted by the First Peoples’ House. The celebration was part of the 9th Annual Indigenous Awareness Weeks which was organized by the McGill Indigenous Education Program. Video by[Read More…]

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