The Sport Authority EP. 6: Evaluating the Barclays Premier League

[audiotrack title=”The Sport Authority Ep. 6: Evaluating the Barclays Premier League” songwriter=”Zikomo Smith and Simon Thara” date=”April 6, 2016″ width=”700″ height=”200″ src=”″ autoplay=”on”] The Barclays Premier League is winding down, and upstarts Leicester are firmly at the top of the league. Is their 2015-16 success story instructive for other teams[Read More…]

Lube: What’s good and what’s just goo?

Consumerism is a curse! There’s nothing like choice paralysis, a phenomenon exemplified by the feeling of standing in the sexual health aisle of Pharmaprix and staring at the vast lube section: Water-based, silicone-based, massage oils, and more. Here, The McGill Tribune breaks down which ones are condom-compatible, safe for use[Read More…]

Spotlight on McGill’s women alumni

To celebrate Women’s History Month, The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of inspiring female alumni to acknowledge the work of our predecessors. While the list is far from complete, all the women included below have left a significant mark within their field and continue to inspire current students in their[Read More…]

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