Women in sports journalism

In November 2013, a San Francisco sports radio host made a number of misogynistic statements on air, arguing that women did not belong in the world of sports journalism. The resulting uproar shone a spotlight on some of the barriers preventing women from breaking into, and moving up, in sports[Read More…]

Sports holiday wishlist

I want  Lebron James  to three-peat and win another MVP award along the way; all hail the King. I would also love for Lebron’s football team, Liverpool, to finish in the top four of the Barclays Premier League while avoiding any Luis Suarez mishaps. —Zikomo Smith, Contributor This holiday season, I[Read More…]

Point counterpoint

The modern Olympics were created after Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894. De Coubertin had envisioned the Olympic Games as an international stage for amateur athletes to showcase their skills, but through the years, professional athletes have slowly been integrated into the Games. Two contributors weigh[Read More…]

Point counterpoint

In July 2013, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin signed a law which gave police officers the right to make arrests on the grounds of disseminating “gay propaganda.” A number of other anti-gay laws have since followed under Putin, creating a whirlwind of controversy. Two contributors weigh in on whether a boycott by athletes and nations of the 2014 Sochi Olympics would be a good idea.

Contributors from this year

Our contributors make this paper possible. Thank you! We love you. Mayaz Alam Rebecca Alter Mido Assran Emilio Assuncao Rebecca Babcock Hrant Bardakjian Max Berger Justin Berot-Burns Anand Bery Priyanka Biljani Ilia Blinderman Matt Bobkin Anna Bock Tara Boghosian Leah Brainerd Naomi Braude Tessa Bryant Kevin Caplice Meghan Chand Kegan[Read More…]

Castiza (Laura McEown) and Vindice (Cece Grey) in a rather enticing scene. (Simon Poitrimolt / The McGill Tribune)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Fear of the feminine captured by an entirely female cast, McGill English department’s production of The Revenger’s Tragedy by Thomas Middleton adds a layer of gendered irony to the Jacobean-era tragedy. This directorial choice by Patrick Neilson illuminates the period’s anxiety regarding women’s sexuality, bringing together a variety of lively[Read More…]

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