Yoga is not cultural appropriation

The discussion around the recent cancellation of a yoga class at the University of Ottawa has been focused on whether or not practicing yoga is cultural appropriation. Claiming that practicing a form of exercise that originated in a different culture is cultural appropriation is far fetched; one could just as[Read More…]

Let’s Talk About Race

At McGill, issues surrounding sexuality, gender, and consent have come to the forefront of campus dialogue in recent years; however, the same awareness of racial equality and representation does not exist. Conversations about racial issues are so invisible that many students are not even aware that there is anything to[Read More…]

The problem with politicians on social media

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson recently faced accusations that he embellished stories in his autobiography of receiving a scholarship offer to West Point, and being named the most honest student in a university course. Carson is far from the first political candidate to face scrutiny for past statements, as[Read More…]

Criticizing white feminism for the sake of progress

Since the emergence of third-wave feminism in the ’90’s, feminist theory has become increasingly diversified into new categories, such as black feminism, liberal feminism, and radical feminism. But as different varieties of feminism emerge and intersect with other social issues such as race, sexuality, and class, the blanket term “feminism”[Read More…]

McGill University Arts Building

Commentary: McGill spirit more than homecoming

Last week, McGill students might have pretended not to notice the one lonely person standing at the Y-intersection flaunting a poster for McGill homecoming in front of disinterested passing faces. Unsurprisingly, having a one-man promo team accosting students didn’t work. His words fell on deaf ears; nothing he could have[Read More…]

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