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PGSS Winter 2016 Referendum Endorsements

The McGill Tribune gives its endorsements for the Post-Graduate Students' Society of McGill University (PGSS) Winter 2016 Referendum. Legal Information Clinic Fee Levy: “Yes”  The Legal Information Clinic at McGill (LICM) provides essential services to undergraduate and graduate students alike. It is completely student-run and provides free legal information. The clinic […]

SSMU and PGSS Winter referendum endorsements

  SSMU Winter referendum endorsements Click here for our previous reporting on the questions.  Disaffiliation from TaCEQ:Yes This motion seeks to disaffiliate the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) from the  Table de concertation étudiante du Québec (TaCEQ), a group intended to advocate for student interests at the provincial level. […]