Beauty in simplicity

Somedays, clothes become frustrating. A brief look in the mirror and negotiations with the garments begin. Suddenly, dressing oneself quickly turns into a 3-D jigsaw puzzle of colours, textures, and shapes. In the end, we often just want something simple and pleasant. On the corner of Ave. Laurier and l’Esplanade,[Read More…]

Why McGill can’t “Pack the Stadium”

With nearly 40,000 students and an endowment that is upwards of $1 billion, McGill is no doubt a large and well-funded university. Despite this, attendance rates for sports games are low, and a general sense of apathy is palpable towards athletics at McGill. McGill’s athletic history, much like its academic[Read More…]

Mile End gallery Art Mûr unveils found objects

Art galleries can be pretty confusing places—especially if you don’t go to school at Concordia. Allow this piece to be your cheat-sheet to the current exhibitions of Art Mûr, one of the city’s major contemporary art galleries.

Black History Month in Montreal

High school textbooks of Canadian history have told, generation after generation, the tale of a settler colony besieged by territorial struggles between French pioneers and British conquerors— with a brief mention in between of the Indigenous peoples who had inhabited the vast territory for millennia before them. Canada’s popular culture[Read More…]

Senate Membership and Contacts

2012-2013 Senate Membership (Terms start September 1) Ex Officio The Chancellor Arnold Steinberg The Chair of the Board Stuart Cobbett The Principal Heather Munroe-Blum The Provost Anthony C. Masi The Deputy Provost Morton Mendelson (Student Life and Learning) Vice-Principal Michael Di Grappa (Administration and Finance) Vice-Principal Marc Weinstein (Development and[Read More…]

Most famous McGillian named Do you know who McGill’s most notable graduate is? The McGill Alumni Association does. In honour of McGill’s 190th anniversary, the association initiated and facilitated the nominations of over 700 alumni for the title of Greatest McGillian. After months of intense deliberation and almost 60,000 votes, the top 20[Read More…]

Second-ranked Redmen roll in rout of Gee-Gees

Holly Stewart The second-ranked McGill Redmen (23-2-2) finished a record-setting season in impressive fashion as they shut out the Ottawa Gee-Gees (11-13-3) 7-0 in their final home game of the season at McConnell Arena Friday night. The Redmen dominated the Gee-Gees for the whole game as Guillaume Doucet scored four[Read More…]

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