CAMPUS: Wireless worries

As early as the nineties, McGill was at the forefront of developing a wireless network. Today that network provides over 2,500 wireless access points, each covering 250 square feet, and the university is in the process of upgrading its coverage and launching a three-year project to better integrate users around the campus.

BREAKING NEWS: Tragedy at Dawson

One girl has been confirmed dead and as many as 20 people were hospitalized after a gunman opened fire at Dawson College earlier today. At 12:41p.m., a young man wearing a black trench coat entered the school through the ground floor doors on Boulevard de Maisonneuve, drew a firearm and began shooting at students in the main cafeteria.

CITY: Religious talks disappoint

Organizers had high hopes for last week’s World Religions conference, which aimed to combat the increasingly negative perceptions surrounding religions. However, the event fell far short of expectations according to most attendees.

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