Why I love Tim Tebow

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images My love for Tim Tebow doesn’t make any sense. I don’t usually care for players whose success is credited to intangible skills; things like grit, toughness, or ability in the clutch. If a player is great, numbers should be able to prove it. I believe[Read More…]

Contributors from this year

Our contributors make this paper possible. Thank you! We love you. Mayaz Alam Rebecca Alter Mido Assran Emilio Assuncao Rebecca Babcock Hrant Bardakjian Max Berger Justin Berot-Burns Anand Bery Priyanka Biljani Ilia Blinderman Matt Bobkin Anna Bock Tara Boghosian Leah Brainerd Naomi Braude Tessa Bryant Kevin Caplice Meghan Chand Kegan[Read More…]

Point Counterpoint

The 2013 National Baseball Hall of Fame election took place on Jan. 9. For the first time since 1996, no players were voted in, despite players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens being up for induction. Many baseball analysts believe that this trend may continue as more players, who played[Read More…]

McGill student files grievance over protocol on protests

On Dec. 11, 2012, U3 Philosophy student Eli Freedman filed a complaint with the McGill Senate Committee on Student Grievances against the draft of a permanent McGill protocol on demonstrations, assemblies, and protests. The grievance calls for the draft protocol to be nullified immediately, and for Vice Principal (Administration and[Read More…]

Still in Armstrong’s Peloton

For the past 10 summers, I’ve had an odd July morning ritual. I wake up early and watch the Tour de France. What compels me to watch this low-tech version of NASCAR? One reason: Lance Armstrong and his inspiring story. I was extremely saddened a few weeks ago when the[Read More…]

A choice with no good options

The voting options in Quebec’s election yesterday were akin to the choice between being punched in the gut and being punched in the face; both are extremely painful or something to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, the responsibility of an active citizen, especially in an election this important, forced[Read More…]

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