Most famous McGillian named Do you know who McGill’s most notable graduate is? The McGill Alumni Association does. In honour of McGill’s 190th anniversary, the association initiated and facilitated the nominations of over 700 alumni for the title of Greatest McGillian. After months of intense deliberation and almost 60,000 votes, the top 20[Read More…]

Martlets soar over Stingers

Abir Shah Abir Shah Armed with a handful of new recruits and an added year of maturity, the McGill Martlets are seeking retribution and another shot at a National Championship.   The Martlets were back in action against Concordia, at home at Percival Molson Stadium Friday night, for the first[Read More…]

From velour tracksuits to cardigans and class

The National Basketball Association, my friends, is back. The turnaround the NBA has made over the past few years is truly remarkable considering the dark days it suffered for most of the 2000s. While a number of factors have accounted for the comeback, much of the credit should go to[Read More…]

Mile End construction disturbs businesses

For anyone living on Park Avenue above Mount Royal, the recent construction on the street is well-known and unwelcome. Noise starts as early as 7 a.m., while dust, gravel, and a maze of metal slabs and bright cones mar the sidewalk. The construction is meant to facilitate the revamping of[Read More…]

Ain’t nothing but a P thang

Apparently, you have already met the person you will marry by age 21. I call bullshit. I just hit the magical number and I’ll be damned if that saying rings true because, frankly, my options are looking bleak. I have yet to meet the Prince Charming who will whisk me off to a life of white picket fences.

FEATURES: Shh…trashy books no longer a dirty little secret

When the Beatles sang about “the dirty story of a dirty man,” who longs to be a “Paperback Writer,” they accurately depicted the stereotypes that still surround popular genre fiction. You know the type; you might even know it intimately. Trashy romance novels, fantastical sci-fi, horror stories, detective mysteries, even the more highly acclaimed chick lit and dick lit genres fit into this category.

EDITORIAL: Memo to HMB: Put the pal back in “principal”

As some of you may have noticed this past Friday, just across the street from McConnell Engineering, a sizable cross-section of FACE school-from faculty members to kindergarten students-hit the sidewalks, calling for the swift return of their school principal, Nick Primiano.

CAMPUS: Library service desk in jeopardy

A proposed reorganization of the Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art is in the works and may end up closing the service desk permanently. Janine Schmidt, the Trenholme Director of Libraries, issued a document in May 2006 to McGill librarians that presented a plan to “close the service point of the library and leave the collection part unattended,” according to Marilyn Berger, the head librarian at Blackader-Lauterman.

COMMENTARY: Zoe was wrong: The Winter Olympics were awesome

I am of the exact opposite opinion of Zoe Daniels in her article “The Over-Hyped Olympics” (2.3.10). Right off the bat, she got my blood pounding by claiming that the Olympics “feature sports that are generally boring to watch.” I don’t see where she gets the idea that the incredible TV ratings that the Winter Olympics generate, be it for cross-country skiing or for the gold-medal hockey game – which had 10.

Dentistry grad criticizes Quebec’s language exam

Jennifer Plotnick, a recent graduate from the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, has found herself with an unenviable commute due to Quebec’s language requirements. After failing to meet the French language requirements for out-of-province professionals, Plotnick now drives nearly two hours every morning to practice dentistry in Plattsburgh, New York.

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