Campus Spotlight: #TakeJamesDown

Anti-Black racism at McGill is institutionalized, and the work of Black student activists is vital in demanding systemic changes on campus. A summer of Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the continued police brutality and murders of Black people have brought increased visibility to Black activism around the globe, including[Read More…]

Artist Spotlight: James Dunnigan

As a poet, novelist, and aspiring academic, McGill student James Dunnigan lives his life in a cloud of creative energy. While finishing a degree in Honours English (with a graduate essay on Virgil and Wordsworth’s pastoral poetry) Dunnigan reads and writes constantly while keeping up with Montreal’s thriving literary scene. [Read More…]

MUNACA rallies in front of James Admin Building

Carolina Millán Ronchetti / McGill Tribune On March 9, approximately 250 members of the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA) demonstrated in front of the James Administration Building to protest about a delay in finalizing and signing a collective agreement with the McGill administration. The agreement, ratified by MUNACA’s members[Read More…]

‘Infinity Pool’ is a dystopian assemblage of sex, gore, and psychedelics

Spoilers ahead for Infinity Pool. Will elite travellers ever receive justice? Infinity Pool, Brandon Cronenberg’s terrifying satire on the hedonistic exploits of wealthy tourists might have the answer. By commenting on the Western gentrification of developing countries and the class disparities within the justice system, Cronenberg pairs science fiction with[Read More…]

Rolling the dice on academic freedom

McGill University bears the name of its founder James McGill, but this honorific was a condition tied to James’s large donations that were used to establish the institution. His gift, however, cannot be isolated from the colonial violence which produced it. He was only able to formalize the higher education[Read More…]

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