Nobel laureate alumnus Jack Szostak speaks at Moyse Hall

Dr. Jack Szostak, one of six McGill alumni who have been awarded with a Nobel Prize in Phisiology or Medicine in 2009, spoke at the university on Friday, delivering the keynote address at the Faculty of Science’s Undergraduate Research Conference. After the conference’s prize ceremony, Szostak was introduced by Dean[Read More…]

Mental Health Commission of Canada announces post-secondary mental health standard

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) recently announced a collaboration with the Canadian Standards Association to develop a standard for the psychological health and safety of post-secondary students. According to the Commission’s website, post-secondary educational institutions are free to adopt and modify the policy, known as the Post-Secondary Students[Read More…]

10 Things: Creative sports Halloween costumes

Halloween is an exciting time for everyone, but finding a costume that is affordable and unique can be challenging. This year, The McGill Tribune’s sports writers put together a list of costumes for fans looking to do something more interesting than just wear their favourite athlete’s jersey. These ideas turned[Read More…]


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