Levelling the playing field

The Euro 2022 final in July was still in a deadlock in the 90th minute, with England and Germany clinging on by a goal each. It remained as such until the second half of extra time, when Manchester City forward Chloe Kelly managed to slot the ball into the net[Read More…]

The seven OneCard options reviewed

When first-year undergraduates are tired of the same dishes served at Royal Victoria College or New Residence Hall, they can spend the $500 they have in their OneCard accounts on many restaurants off campus. To find out the best places to use this money, The McGill Tribune went to all[Read More…]

Editorial: Changes at faculty level must be made to make SSMU more representative

In the wake of the recent Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) elections, many students have renewed their complaints of dissatisfaction with what they feel is an insular and inaccessible SSMU. While these feelings are certainly valid, the overemphasized focus on SSMU executives and the concurrent lack of student engagement[Read More…]

Tackling the health issues of the developing world

Written in an extraordinarily accessible and infectiously optimistic style, The Grandest Challenge: Taking Lifesaving Science from Lab to Village argues for the advancement of biotechnology, specifically genetic engineering, in order to solve the plethora of health issues that plague the developing world.  Echoing the sentiments of recent years, Dr. Peter[Read More…]

Should journalism ever express opinions?

These past few years have been a time of tumult for most journalistic organizations. Various forms of modern media, such as the Internet and cable television, they have challenged the dominance of print and network television, and have also challenged the orthodoxy of whether “the news” should express an opinion.[Read More…]

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