Beyond street dance

An amber glow cut through the darkness, illuminating only part of the stage between floor and ceiling. Music began to thunder, and hands suddenly shot up, puncturing the glow, writhing on their own for a few moments before their bodies joined. This is not contemporary dance; this is dance in[Read More…]

SSMU hosts competition for student-run café

The Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) Sustainability Case Competition Expo took place on Wednesday, March 14, in the SSMU ballroom, where six teams showcased their designs for the upcoming construction of a sustainable student-run café. After two rounds of rigorous competition, students voted on their favourite design, with a panel[Read More…]

Winer, Chaini, and Wun win SSMU Council seats

Last Tuesday, members of the Students’ Society’s 290 clubs voted to elect the clubs and services representatives to SSMU Council.  The three spots up for election went to Adam Winer with 19 votes, Sahil Chaini with 16 votes, and Billi Wun with 15 votes. Most of the candidates—Andrew Tyau, who[Read More…]

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