Donald Trump, make McGill great again

There is a huge problem at this university: McGill doesn’t win anymore. However, the expiration of Principal Suzanne Fortier’s term in June 2018 provides an important opportunity to reverse McGill’s decline. In 2018, the McGill Board of Governors should appoint Donald J. Trump to the position of principal and vice-chancellor[Read More…]

Green is the warmest colour in Glengarry Glen Ross

The devious machinations of modern capitalism provoke an awful lot of hand-wringing, but they sure make for a great spectacle. Though much of the contemporary media coverage of Wall Street tycoons tends to be negative, the fact that they receive so much interest in the first place indicates the undeniable[Read More…]

Holiday Movie Preview

Usually the movies that come out during the holiday season fall into one of two categories: Big budget blockbuster flicks sure to draw in restless crowds emancipated from work and school, or last minute Oscar bids hoping to become critical darlings. Either way, December is a good month for movies.[Read More…]

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