McGill Tribune Madam Principal, Your most recent communication regarding the strike, “We are all McGill,”  seems to say two contradictory things at once: both that “we are all McGill,” and “by dint of their recent actions, MUNACA members are not McGill.” It has the clear intention of rallying its readers[Read More…]

Defining the modern hacker

The hacker has gained a mythic status in modern tech-centric pop culture, simultaneously defining a righteous activist and a chaotic criminal. Despite the mystery shrouding the affairs of hackers and their collectives, Gabriella Coleman has dedicated her life’s research to uncovering and unravelling the real story behind hacker culture. A[Read More…]

The McGill Tribune’s NHL preview

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division   Pittsburgh Penguins: With Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh can beat anyone. Without him? Who knows. While Sidney Crosby’s health is vital, a good sign is that even without Crosby and Malkin for large chunks of last season and the playoffs, the Penguins finished fourth and pushed Tampa[Read More…]

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