Principal responds to Jutras Report

On Feb. 13, Principal Heather Munroe-Blum published her response to the Jutras Report, the outcome of Dean of Law Daniel Jutras’ internal investigation into the events of Nov. 10. The Jutras report details the Nov. 10 occupation of the James Administration Building and its aftermath, in which Montreal riot police[Read More…]

The Marriage of Bette and Boo might end ugly

Emily Doyle / Players’ Theatre Dark comedy is a perplexing concept. Though initially a contradiction in terms, most people understand the subtlety involved in such a label. The work may make upsetting issues “lighter”; perhaps, conversely, it may convey typical subjects of comedy in acidic, disturbing ways. In both of[Read More…]

The McGill Tribune’s NHL preview

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division   Pittsburgh Penguins: With Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh can beat anyone. Without him? Who knows. While Sidney Crosby’s health is vital, a good sign is that even without Crosby and Malkin for large chunks of last season and the playoffs, the Penguins finished fourth and pushed Tampa[Read More…]

Scientists use lasers to control worms’ minds

In a recent study, scientists from Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that by shining a laser on particular neurons, they were able to control worms, encouraging them to move in varying directions and lay eggs. The published article, which appeared in Nature[Read More…]

Summer Entertainment Report Cards: Movies – Inception

It would not be presumptuous to call Inception the movie event of the year. Certainly no other film this year has generated nearly the same amount of buzz as Christopher Nolan’s most recent blockbuster. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an extractor, a thief who steals thoughts from the minds of his targets through their dreams.


The Buggles need to come out with a new one-hit wonder: “Internet Killed the Video Star.” This is the sad but true fate that our music age has come to. Remember when VH1 only played new music videos? How about MTV? Or MuchMusic? For the latter, you may be thinking, “but MuchMusic still plays music videos.

Follow the butterflies: A monarch migration under threat

Monarch butterflies are currently at their lowest population on record, according to recent data from the World Wildlife Fund Mexico. The current colony size is 1.92 hectares, down from the previous low of 2.19 hectares in 2004 and far down from the recorded high of 21.

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