Power Rankings

NHL  Week 16 With the All-Star game behind them, teams know it’s time to get it together and make the final push for a playoff spot. Let’s see where they stand: 1 – Detroit Red Wings 2 – Nashville Predators 3 – New York Rangers 4 – Pittsburgh Penguins 5[Read More…]

Internet killed the local Torstar

Historians sometimes speak of a “usable past,” a common narrative about the events that brought us here and why we’re a “we” at all. This commonality is seen as essential to creating a sense of community or nationhood. Frankly, Canadians should be more concerned about maintaining a usable present. With[Read More…]

Belle de Jour

Flashback: Belle de Jour (1967)

Belle de Jour is Luis Bunuel’s most recognizable and commercially successful film, praised for its status as an erotic masterpiece despite demonstrating virtually no sexual explicitness. Friends with both Salvador Dali and André Breton, Bunuel was a pioneer of surrealist cinema and enjoyed using the medium of film over his[Read More…]

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