Motörhead. Kiss of Death. It’s time to dust off the cowboy boots and iron cross belt buckle and cut a rug to the 19th album by the UK’s original beer-drinkers and hell-raisers. Though markedly Motörhead, as per the abundance of ammunition adorning the cover to the plodding bass and bourbon-drenched vocals of front man Lemmy Kilmister, Kiss of Death is a pretty standard speed/thrash metal offering.

COMMENTARY: What the Tribune taught me

Although four years and thousands of dollars was a steep price, I do give McGill credit for teaching me one extremely important lesson: the most relevant, edifying learning is accomplished outside the classroom. At first I thought that university would be training.

Zamb on it, zamb on it

It’s often said that every Canadian kid grows up with hockey in their veins. We learn to skate before we can walk, have our first near-death experience playing street hockey, and know the (former) theme music to Hockey Night in Canada better than the “real” national anthem (that’s the song[Read More…]

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