Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

No one would have thought that any band could surpass the unique sound—or should I say noise—of legendary grunge-rock band Nirvana. But Pearl Jam did. The Seattle-based band’s career began with their grunge debut album Ten (1991), but the band’s music seemed to transition to a more alternative rock sound[Read More…]

Our Nixon can’t deliver the reel goods

It turns out that if Richard Nixon’s key aides were a few decades younger, they probably would have been really into Instagram. Penny Lane’s new documentary Our Nixon, released Aug. 30, uses mostly amateur Super-8 camera footage, shot by the former U.S. president’s White House chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman; John Ehrlichman, his domestic affairs assistant; and Dwight Chapin, his deputy assistant, who all ultimately ended up serving jail time for their involvement in the 1970s Watergate scandal. Henry Kissinger appears in the film fairly often too, though he was apparently too busy addressing international relations and his relationships with women to fool around with a camera.

Dragons, magic, and totalitarianism   Inheritance is about dragons, their riders, an elf princess, and an evil, all-powerful king. But at its core, the last novel in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle is a coming-of-age novel. Throughout his adventures, the main character, Eragon, undergoes drastic change, which coincides with the growth and improvement of[Read More…]

HBO’s 24/7 delivers in a “humangous big” way

This season, HBO decided to spoil hockey fans once again by filming 24/7, a four-part series documenting the New York Rangers’ and Philadelphia Flyers’ ever enticing Road to the Winter Classic. Hockey die-hards were given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the NHL world, whether it be in the[Read More…]


You gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life, I swear, exclaims Natalie Portman’s character Sam in the 2004 indie film Garden State. While she may have been exaggerating a bit, McGill students are taking her advice rather seriously. Even with the live bands playing on the OAP stage, students everywhere are wandering around campus with little white wires dangling from their ears.

Follow the butterflies: A monarch migration under threat

Monarch butterflies are currently at their lowest population on record, according to recent data from the World Wildlife Fund Mexico. The current colony size is 1.92 hectares, down from the previous low of 2.19 hectares in 2004 and far down from the recorded high of 21.

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