McGill Explained: Philanthropy

In the first episode of McGill Explained, Multimedia Editor Alex Hinton dives into the reasons that cause people to make such large donations to universities, and highlights some of the stories behind the names of McGill buildings that have become part of everyday vocabulary.

Tribune Tries: Fencing

Sports editors Kaja Surborg and Ender McDuff meet the McGill Fencing Team, have a brief training session with them, and face-off in a fight to the death (best of three). Video by Staff Producer Alex Hinton

Tribune Presents: Societal Siege

Societal Siege dropped by our office and performed a mini-concert for our multimedia team, showcasing some unreleased music and samples from their new EP, Joseph Ziggler. Antoine, Drew, and Jacob bring a playful warmth to college rock which radiated through the newsroom. You can find Societal Siege’s music on Spotify,[Read More…]

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