Winer, Chaini, and Wun win SSMU Council seats

Last Tuesday, members of the Students’ Society’s 290 clubs voted to elect the clubs and services representatives to SSMU Council.  The three spots up for election went to Adam Winer with 19 votes, Sahil Chaini with 16 votes, and Billi Wun with 15 votes. Most of the candidates—Andrew Tyau, who[Read More…]


Re: “Why Gaza Remembrance Week misses the point” by Adam Winer (09.02.10) Mr. Winer seems to have entirely missed the point in believing that SPHR should be neutral in its display and presentation of speakers for the Gaza Remembrance event. When an entire population becomes the target of Israeli amunition and unjustified sanctions, then logically people have to stand up in defence of human rights and to lobby governments and intellectuals to stop the suffering of the Palestinian people.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fostering open dialogue.

Re: “Why Gaza Remembrance Week misses the point” by Adam Winer (26.1.10) Although Adam Winer’s commentary concludes on a somewhat optimistic note – calling on us to have open dialogue and broaden our knowledge about the Arab-Israeli conflict – the manner in which he wrote his op-ed makes clear that he has yet to follow this important piece of advice.

Behind SSMU’s investment gridlock

The upcoming Nov. 13 special General Assembly (GA) will seek to address issues that could not be settled during the October GA due to its failure to meet quorum. One of these issues will be to ratify appointments to SSMU’s Board of Directors (BoD). Without a BoD, the Students’ Society[Read More…]

Highlights from the Apr. 11 SSMU Council

Library Improvement Fund After meeting with student leaders, Library Improvement Fund (LIF) Coordinator Kira Gossack-Keenan outlined how the $630,000 fund will be allotted in a presentation to Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)’s Legislative Council. “In terms of progress that we’ve done this year, we’ve been working on a variety[Read More…]

Special SSMU GA cancelled due to lack of strike motion

A Special SSMU General Assembly (GA) scheduled for this past Wednesday, March 28, wascancelled after the undersigned councillorswithdrew their petition. The assembly was called with the knowledge that there might be a motion for a strike vote, but at the time of its cancellationno such motion had been submitted, a contributing factor to the decision[Read More…]

SSMU GA loses quorum after passing two motions

Sam Reynolds / McGill Tribune SSMU’s Winter General Assembly struggled to maintain quorum on Feb. 1, barely reaching the 100 undergraduates needed to render votes binding. Two motions were voted on as a binding assembly, while the remaining were voted on as a consultative body. A motion from the floor[Read More…]

COMMENTARY: Why Gaza remembrance week misses the point

From February 1-7, the McGill chapter of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights staged Gaza Remembrance Week to mark the one-year anniversary of the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Earlier in January, SPHR organized a “Public Commemoration of the Gaza Massacre” in downtown Montreal.

Board of Directors ratifies J-Board ruling

Michael Paolucci / Organization During the March 1 SSMU Council meeting, SSMU’s Board of Directors (BoD) ratified the Judicial Board (J-Board) ruling that invalidated the results of QPIRG’s fall referendum question. In a report released on Feb. 14, the J-Board declared the question to be unconstitutional because it dealt with[Read More…]

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