A look at the upcoming NHL Awards Ceremony

As the NHL season grinds to a close, it’s fitting to take a look toward summer in Las Vegas, where the NHL awards will be given out to a multitude of deserving players around the league. Of course, some of the top nominees for these awards are not surprising-players like[Read More…]

Multitudes of microbreweries available in Montreal

amberwavesrally.com Every year as the Superbowl comes around I am painfully reminded of the cheap, watery, tin-flavored, mass-produced beer being consumed endlessly across the continent. The attraction of this yearly football phenomenon is synonymous with Budweiser and Coors, as countless advertising campaigns and beer sales will attest. But now that[Read More…]

The McGill Tribune’s NHL preview

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division   Pittsburgh Penguins: With Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh can beat anyone. Without him? Who knows. While Sidney Crosby’s health is vital, a good sign is that even without Crosby and Malkin for large chunks of last season and the playoffs, the Penguins finished fourth and pushed Tampa[Read More…]

Maroon 5: Hands All Over

Maroon 5’s third album, Hands All Over, is a revamped version of their typical sound. With bold guitar riffs, distinct vocals, and a crossover into a medley of genres, this bittersweet funk album is typical Maroon 5 with a few unexpected, but excellent, twists. The opening track and single “Misery”[Read More…]

NFL PREVIEW: I like it, I love it, I want some more of it

National Football Conference North Chicago Bears (10-6): If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Last year’s division champion will return all its starters from last season. While that’s good news for the defence-finished second in total yards and first in points allowed-it’s less so for the offence.

Newest Sparks adaptation fails to ignite

Starring Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, and Liam Hemsworth, The Last Song is a too heavy on subplots and a too light on actual content. The casting directors unearthed some hidden gems in supporting actors Bobby Coleman and Carly Chaikin. Coleman plays Cyrus’ younger brother and warmed my cold black heart in ways that only a small child can, especially when sharing the screen with his terminally ill father (Kinnear).

Tips from a personal trainer

Staying in shape and keeping up a regular fitness regimen in winter can be a challenge. But rather than staying in bed or camping out in the library, grab winter by the horns – or rather, the icicles – and embrace it. Many people opt to stay in, make a nice cup of hot chocolate and a snack, and let the nostalgic TV reruns roll.

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