pretty baby

Flashback: Pretty Baby (1978)

“Storyville, New Orleans, 1917.” This is the title card that opens Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby. The film tackles the scandalous topic of child prostitution in a strikingly elegant and elegiac fashion through chronicling an upscale brothel in one of New Orlean’s most notorious red-light districts. Madame Nell (Frances Faye) is[Read More…]


Sisterly love: Mustang gives nuanced portrayal of female coming-of-age stories in patriarchal societies

Content warning: This film features elements of sexual abuse. The coming-of-age stories that frequently grace movie screens are those of teen rebellion, unrequited love, and summer adventures. Deniz Ergüven’s Oscar-nominated film Mustang contains qualities of all of these aspects, but adds nuanced maturity and an overwhelmingly poignant storyline. At the[Read More…]

From the cheap seats: UFC open day

Ifind it strange being in a room with multiple people who can easily beat me up. Especially when some of those people are only 5’3.” And that is the position I was in for two hours at the Bell Centre on Feb. 25 for the UFC 186 open media session.[Read More…]

Behind SSMU’s investment gridlock

The upcoming Nov. 13 special General Assembly (GA) will seek to address issues that could not be settled during the October GA due to its failure to meet quorum. One of these issues will be to ratify appointments to SSMU’s Board of Directors (BoD). Without a BoD, the Students’ Society[Read More…]

Sports briefs

The Redmen baseball team took to the diamond Wednesday against the Concordia Stingers for their third meeting of the season. After tying up the season series earlier this month, McGill lost to the Stingers to the tune of an 8-1 blowout. Concordia dominated the hitting differential 9-4, capitalizing on a porous Redmen defense to convert eight out of nine hits into points.

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