Commentary: In conclusion

In reflecting upon my experience at McGill, it would be fair to say that much of it was true to form; the share of good and bad professors, the very real labyrinthine bureaucracy, and the infamous campus politics. In some sense, all of that is usual. In other ways, it[Read More…]

Saying so-long to student satire

After two-and-a-half years of image-macro-based mockery and outrage—some genuine, some feigned—Daniel Braden, the man behind the “McGill Memes” Facebook page and Tumblr microblog, is graduating from McGill and moving to Boston to work on a congressional campaign. This week, the Tribune sat down with Braden to take stock of the[Read More…]

Student association opt-outs

Stakes too high to legalize student association opt-outs Quebec university students Laurent Proulx and Miguael Bergeron are challenging provincial legislation that mandates that every student in Quebec must be part of a student association, arguing that the current law infringes on students’ right to association. If Proulx and Bergeron are[Read More…]

Contributors from this year

Our contributors make this paper possible. Thank you! We love you. Mayaz Alam Rebecca Alter Mido Assran Emilio Assuncao Rebecca Babcock Hrant Bardakjian Max Berger Justin Berot-Burns Anand Bery Priyanka Biljani Ilia Blinderman Matt Bobkin Anna Bock Tara Boghosian Leah Brainerd Naomi Braude Tessa Bryant Kevin Caplice Meghan Chand Kegan[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor

In his recent article, “Moral superiority and student politics,” Abraham Moussako argues that students have no duty to participate in campus politics. I’d like to refute that idea by arguing that judgements about the duty to participate are necessarily made in reference to particular facts about a particular issue.  In[Read More…]

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