Changing the game NBA lottery

NBA Lottery

Traditionally, ‘tanking’ has been defined as teams losing games on purpose—either through a decimated roster or the benching of good players—in order to obtain a higher draft pick in the NBA Lottery system. The issue of tanking in the NBA has been a hot topic this season, with a terrible[Read More…]

March Madness Preview

Cinderella Teams   Mercer Bears We all know that scoring points leads to winning basketball games, and, dare I say, sudden-death basketball tournaments. If you’re searching for an unknown sleeper even trendier than the fountain pen you’re using to fill out your bracket, look no further than the Mercer Bears,[Read More…]

Point counterpoint

With the National Football League (NFL) moving into the second half of its 2013 season, neither the American Football Conference (AFC) nor the National Football Conference (NFC) has a runaway favourite to win the league. Two contributors weigh in on which conference boasts the most talent in a league renowned[Read More…]

Jays must hit reset button

The Toronto Blue Jays’ 2013 season was abysmal. For a team that had World Series aspirations, finishing the season 14 games under .500 is simply embarrassing. What’s even more concerning than going from pre-season favourites to 17.5 games out of the nearest playoff spot is the fact that it appears[Read More…]

Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune

Continuing the fight for a freer internet

Today’s generation is a product of the internet, having grown up with this technology and the wealth of information that it provides. They are encouraged to constantly build upon previous ideas, and they share their wealth of knowledge through this easy-access medium. Epitomizing this generation was Aaron Swartz—an entrepreneur, co-creator[Read More…]

The Marriage of Bette and Boo might end ugly

Emily Doyle / Players’ Theatre Dark comedy is a perplexing concept. Though initially a contradiction in terms, most people understand the subtlety involved in such a label. The work may make upsetting issues “lighter”; perhaps, conversely, it may convey typical subjects of comedy in acidic, disturbing ways. In both of[Read More…]

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