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When the world of dinosaurs was rocked, so was the climate

As tropical forests are cleared for agriculture and coral reefs overheat from rising temperatures, thousands of species vanish into oblivion, unable to survive the rapid climatic and environmental changes of the Anthropocene—the age of the sixth mass extinction. The Anthropocene epoch is an unofficial unit of geological time used to […]

A long road ahead: The obstacles facing COVID-19 vaccine distribution

As the second wave of COVID-19 intensifies and many countries around the world enter another lockdown, scientists and pharmaceutical companies have raced to produce the most effective vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer have emerged as clear winners, with many countries already beginning to administer their products. With the successful development of […]

Methods of quantitative modeling revolutionize drug development

Mathematics and computer science are revolutionizing the way new drugs and treatments are tested and implemented. A new paper published in Chaos and written by U4 McGill Physiology and Math major Sofia Alfonso, postdoctoral researcher Adrianne L. Jenner, and Dr. Morgan Craig from the University of Montreal’s department of Math and […]