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Meeting the wonderful members of the human microbiome

Microbes are often perceived as dangerous nuisances responsible for fatal diseases like tuberculosis. Yet, despite the negative connotations attached to their colloquial name, “germ,” trillions of harmless microbes live on our skin and within the human body, and help us survive and thrive.  Lactobacillus: The plastic maker  Lactobacillus is a family […]

Study finds gender gap continues to persist in archaeology

For centuries, women have fought to have their scientific contributions recognized, and the challenge to secure tenure-track positions in academia is no different. Despite women representing two-thirds of all Canadian doctorates in archaeology today, they only comprise one-third of the country’s tenured faculty.  Lisa Overholtzer, an assistant professor of archaeology […]

Fact or Fiction: Does money really buy happiness?

Many communities continue to live traditional lifestyles detached from money-based markets. Yet contrary to popular belief, they lead fulfilling lives and their mental well-being is comparable to individuals living in money-fueled societies. This prompts the age-old question of whether money truly buys happiness. In recent decades, people with more money […]

Spotlight on Black scientists at McGill and beyond

Despite the important equity work done by various organizations, Black people continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields and academia. In honour of Black History Month, The McGill Tribune spoke to five up-and-coming Black researchers in a variety of scientific disciplines.  Dr. Myrna Lashley Dr. Myrna Lashley is an associate professor […]

Housing crisis in Inuit Nunangat undermines healthy ageing in Inuit elders

Healthy ageing is unique to each individual and culture. In Western cultures, for example, healthy ageing is measured by physical, emotional, and social well-being. In Inuit culture, ageing is also linked to spirituality, strong familial connections, and community ties.  Social determinants of health (SDH) in non-Indigenous ageing, such as a […]