Valentine’s Day: To Love or not to Love

Athletes we Love

Sidney Crosby  Topping our list is a player whom the NHL truly misses. Not only is Crosby  the league’s best player when healthy, his drive and passion for the game is unmatched. Spectators know when he’s on the ice, and we hope to see him back sooner rather than later. Get better, Sid. Mwah!


Tim Tebow  This is probably the most polarizing choice on our list, but Tim Tebow made almost every football game he played in exciting and compelling. While he may flaunt his religion, he is incredibly philanthropic, especially with his efforts in the Philippines. We may not worship him, but there’s no denying he is a great role model. Plus, Tebowing is really fun. 

Roger Federer  Few tennis players have had careers like Roger Federer, and his dominance with the racquet for the past decade has been a joy to watch. Not only is he quite possibly the greatest men’s player of all time, he’s incredibly modest and a family man. What’s not to love?

Roy Halladay  Toronto sports fans have not been kind to castaways of late (see: Vince Carter and Chris Bosh), but Doc Halladay remains close to the heart of almost all Blue Jays’ fans despite bolting for Philadelphia two years ago. Halladay is arguably the best pitcher in baseball and is one of the few ‘good’ guys to have yet to win a ring. That said, Go Phillies! 

Jeremy Lin  There is no doubting that it’s quite early to put Lin on this list, but I’m basically forced to do it based on his play and the spontaneity of his story. The Harvard graduate is winning (or ‘Linning’) fans over and has become the most compelling figure in the NBA. 


Athletes we love to hate


Lebron James  Few athletes can boast the notoriety that LeBron has garnered in the last few years. From his one hour televised “decision” to his off-court antics, mixed in with countless fourth quarter disappearances, LeBron makes David Copperfield look like an amateur. 

Alex Rodriguez  A-Rod isn’t exactly a likeable athlete. He has has grown considerably worse throughout the last seasons, making him a constant source of frustration for the Yankees fan base. Not to mention, in 2009, he admitted to using steroids, eliminating any notion that he would become one of the best ever. Oh, and he has also accumulated over $300 million in contracts during his career. Geez.

Ben Roethlisberger  Definitely one of the most hated active quarterbacks, Roethlisberger seems to have become a pro at putting the ball where it isn’t supposed to be, on and off the field. 

Chad ochocinco The twitteractive “Ocho” has no restraint when it comes to social media or antics on the field. Though he has become considerably tamer under Bill Belichick, fans still starkly remember his infamous stint in Cincinnati, capped with his name change to his jersey number.

Sean Avery  By far the most outspoken character in hockey, Avery is notoriously known for the creation of the Avery Rule in the NHL. He may be buried somewhere in the minors right now, but we all know that somewhere, somehow, Avery is haunting some defenseless goaltender.


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