Canada geese take flight

Last Friday’s autumnal equinox officially marked the arrival of fall, and with it the beginning of the seasonal migration of Canada geese. Living in Canada, hearing the unmistakeable honking of the geese, and seeing their characteristic V-formation signals a turn in season. Even in the busy city of Montreal, it[Read More…]

3G at the top of the world

“Because it’s there,” was George Mallory’s response when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. Mallory, an English mountaineer, took part in one of the first three British expeditions to Everest in the early 1920s. 90 years later, climbing has come much farther than anyone might have imagined: 3G[Read More…]

Bangkok Express a must-try This relatively new Monkland restaurant has gathered quite a loyal following. Located at 5645 Monkland in N.D.G., Bangkok Express offers a variety of mouth-watering Thai dishes. While minimally decorated and not very sizable, it is always full and has seating outside for those warm summer nights and crisp fall[Read More…]


It’s obvious that water falls from clouds as rain drops, but the creators of Smartwater seem to think otherwise. As they cleverly point out on the bottle, “clouds contain nature’s source of water,” so they used this “forgotten” resource to inspire their product. In order to create their pure taste,[Read More…]

Roommates Q’s

Remember that roommate rules questionnaire your floor fellow handed out at the beginning of first year? We don’t. We’ve come up with our own replacement, because having roommate squabbles during exams is worse than actually taking exams. If you just discovered that your roommate uses a live rooster as an[Read More…]

Students’ stress levels increase as April exams approach

McGill Counselling Services is currently experiencing an unprecedented wait period of five to six weeks for appointments. While all students can be seen during intake–the first visit–follow-up appointments are being delayed by over a month.  “We can’t take a lot of second or follow-up appointments for about six weeks now[Read More…]

EMSB considers overhaul options

On Wednesday, the English Montreal School Board Council of Commissioners held an information session regarding possible changes to Montreal schools. Michael Cohen, a spokesman for the EMSB, said in an email to the Tribune that the main goal of these proposed changes is “consolidation of enrolment.” Among the specific changes[Read More…]

10 students arrested at tuition hikes rally on Saturday

     On Saturday, March 12, Montreal saw a protest by thousands of people against austerity measures in the provincial budget, including a flat health tax and tuition hikes. Many students gathered in the rally organized by labour unions and student unions. However, 10 students were arrested before the protest even[Read More…]

Nurse-in draws crowd to support public breastfeeding

Alice Walker Alice Walker On January 5, Shannon Smith, mother of three, was told she was not allowed to breastfeed in Orchestra, a children’s store in the Complexe Les-Ailes on St. Catherine Street. In response, Genevieve Coulombe organized a “nurse-in” in front of the store on January 19th. Smith was[Read More…]

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