Suprising space savers

During exams, your apartment is probably going to end up looking like the site of a pipe bomb explosion. It also means you won’t have the time or money to make another trip to Ikea for assorted Scandinavian organizing junk. Instead, some ordinary household objects can be used to tidy[Read More…]

Library Reviews: Episode 4 – Redpath Redpath isn’t so much a library as a hallway with some desks set up in it. The main study space in Redpath lies in the high-traffic connection between McLennan and the  cafeteria/Cybertheque. The library houses some of the more technology-based parts of the library system, such as computer labs,[Read More…]

Library Reviews: Episode 3 – Cybertheque   Cybertheque (correctly pronounced Si-Ber-THECK) is one of the newer additions to the McGill library system. Below Redpath, the library is adjacent to the Redpath-Leacock tunnel. It’s best known for its vibrant colours, group study areas, electronic resources, and overuse of glass in its design. As far as I[Read More…]

Library Reviews: Episode 2 – Schulich Schulich is best known as the building in which Ernest Rutherford, of Rutherford Physics Building fame, conducted the research which led to his Nobel prize in chemistry. It officially serves as the science and engineering library, holding books on subjects from aeronautics to zoology. One of Schulich’s more popular[Read More…]

Library Reviews: Episode 1 – The McLibrary Everyone has a favorite study spot on campus, from the Schulich Stacks to the Trottier Terminals. What makes that spot their favorite varies from person to person. Some people like a comfortable chair to curl up in and read, and others like a place to go when nothing else is open[Read More…]

Genius Bumblebees One of the most challenging problems in theoretical computer science has been solved. Kind of. It was solved, moreover, not by researchers at MIT, Cal Tech, or Carnegie Mellon, but by bumblebees. Scientists researching the critters at Queen Mary and Royal Holloway  of the University of London noticed that[Read More…]

Stealing from the cookie jar

Your online accounts are vulnerable. From Amazon to Yahoo!, your personal information on many of your favourite sites, if used on a public network, can easily be stolen. Thanks to a Firefox plug-in called Firesheep, released last week by hacker Eric Butler, this risk is higher than ever. By installing[Read More…]

Chicken Fingers  Chicken fingers are one of the most popular comfort foods. While the grocery store might offer moderately priced frozen versions, it’s actually quite easy (and cheaper) to make your own. Homemade chicken strips are healthier than their fast food alternatives, and they’re more delicious. These can be made in[Read More…]

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