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SSMU Board of Directors tackles questions on SSMU’s transparency, toxic environment

The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Board of Directors (BoD) convened on Nov. 18 to ratify several motions and hear two presentations: A pitch to purchase a membership to “Lobby”—an online sharing platform that can host social events—and another presentation by the Office of Investments about McGill’s investment portfolio.[Read More…]

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Sustainability initiative ‘impact200’ project winners to be announced next month

Launched in August 2020 as part of McGill’s bicentennial celebrations, impact200 is a challenge that invites teams of students to submit proposals for projects to enhance sustainability on campus, in Montreal, and around the world. The challenge was organized by the Bicentennial Office in collaboration with the McGill Dobson Centre[Read More…]

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McGill open to doing more research into potential unmarked Indigenous graves at the Royal Vic site

McGill has stated it is open to looking further into the possible presence of unmarked graves of Indigenous children on the Royal Vic site, according to a letter published by the office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) on Nov. 9. The letter, written by Christopher Manfredi, McGill’s provost and[Read More…]

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

Everybody seems to be talking about sex. It saturates the media; from tv shows to movies to video games to event advertisements—it’s inescapable. From a young age, many children are exposed to ‘sexual education’ tactics that emphasize abstinence and fear-mongering: “Don’t have sex before marriage! Don’t have sex without being[Read More…]

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