UPDATE: Riot police respond to tuition hike demonstration on campus

Elisha Lerner Twenty thousand students from all over Quebec gathered on Thursday, Nov. 10 at Place Émile-Gamelin near UQAM to demonstrate against the Quebec government’s proposed tuition increases. The demonstration then made its way up Berri Street at 2:45 p.m., continuing through the streets of Montreal, ending at the McGill[Read More…]

There is never a case for bullying

Bullying awareness and ‘it gets better’ campaigns have been gaining momentum this year. So when I read the news that the state of Michigan passed an ‘anti-bullying’ bill, I was shocked and greatly disappointed. This bill essentially justifies bullying if it’s based on a strongly held religious belief or moral[Read More…]

One senator’s request causes a polarized debate

haigoarts.blogspot.com wallpaperslibrary.com The beaver is thirty-six years into its tenure as Canada’s national emblem, and last week it faced its biggest challenge yet. As Senator Nicole Eaton said in a statement to the Canadian Senate, the beaver is both an outdated symbol and a destructive rodent. She believes we must[Read More…]

Failure to predict the apocalypse is nothing new

Friday, Oct. 21 came and went without so much as a hint of jubilant trumpets or rumbling heavens. Despite warnings from Harold Camping, a Californian radio-evangelist, the rapture did not come. Considering his past failed predictions, the uneventful Friday came as no surprise to many. A couple of months ago,[Read More…]

Haunted McGill

Ryan Reisert and Michael Paolucci Once upon a midnight dreary, McGill’s campus was quite eerie. The orange leaves rustled and the autumn air was crisp; shadows danced in the blustery wind. It was Halloween and the ghosts that lurk McGill were out to play. Where are these phantoms of the[Read More…]

Where to study during midterms this semester

Ryan Reisert Ryan Reisert Midterm season is officially upon us. Everyone has a different study style, but sometimes getting into the groove is difficult, especially if the weather is as nice as it was over Thanksgiving weekend. To help get you started (or if it’s the night before your midterm[Read More…]

Hooked on overfishing

Rob Smith Rob Smith   As the global population continues to rise—and with it the demand for food—increasing pressure is being placed on our oceans. The saying goes, ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea,’ but the abundance of seafood in our supermarkets is deceptive.  According to the Marine[Read More…]

What I’ve learned from Bear Grylls

dvddisk.net   Whenever my family and I go to the cottage for the weekend, I inevitably want to build a fort. Be it out of snow, sticks, or pillows and blankets, this activity has provided me with immense entertainment. And yes, even at the age of 21, given the choice[Read More…]

To text or not to text

When it comes to running into past acquaintances, you never know how it will turn out. If you knew them at one point in time, maybe even became Facebook friends, but then never spoke again, chances are it will be awkward. While the courteous thing to do would be to[Read More…]

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