Why abc123 is a strong password

If you’ve used the Gawker media service in the last year or so, you’re probably aware of the massive account information leak that occurred in late 2010. In this security breach, the user database, containing 1.3 million users, was leaked. This breach shows that even huge sites with millions of[Read More…]


It can be hard to sift through the millions of applications available for your smartphone. There are apps for reading and writing and arithmetics, apps for games and gags, and managing your green. Since it can be overwhelming to sift through them on your own, here are some of the[Read More…]

IPv4 no more

Last Thursday marked a significant event in the history of the Internet. While many people didn’t notice it, and it wasn’t nearly as publicized as Y2K, something happened that necessitates a major shift in the way the Internet functions: the Internet stopped growing. Internet protocol addresses, or IP addresses, are[Read More…]

Library Reviews: Episode 5 – Howard Ross

mcgill.ca The faculty of Management at McGill is most well known for three things: having the best cafeteria, their new tuition model for graduate students, and not having class on Fridays. You won’t hear too much about their library, though. Situated on the corner of Sherbrooke and McTavish, the Bronfman[Read More…]

Intel attempts to limit access to pirated flicks

It could soon become more difficult to watch the latest Hollywood flick on your personal computer using illegal technology. The war between media producers and Internet piraters has been waging for years, and is unlikely to end soon. However, recent developments in the hardware world have shown that Hollywood is[Read More…]

Drop the laptop? Not so fast

For my first three years at McGill, I hand-wrote my notes in class. Every semester, I would restock my supply of coloured notebooks, labeling each with the proper course code. It worked well—I would go to class, write down everything the professor scrawled on the board, and then review it[Read More…]

7 gadgets to look for in 2011

1. Mitsubishi 92″ 3D HDTV Look for 3D televisions to start taking off in 2011. It may not be the biggest television to hit the market, (Mitsubishi is marketing a 155″ OLED TV), but it is one of the largest 3D TVs. While the TV is a rear-projector type television[Read More…]

Phishing for a steal during the holidays

In the month between Black Friday and Boxing Day, people everywhere deck the Internet with their credit card numbers. Maybe this year Amazon’s servers will finally crash, but it’s more likely that you, or one of your friends, will have their identity stolen as a result of a careless online[Read More…]

Getting a ride without maxing out your credit card

A wise man once told me “A Bixi is like a prostitute. It’s only five bucks, and everyone gets a ride.” I countered that a Bixi can’t contract venereal diseases, a safety feature that has certainly helped the Bixi system attract millions of riders since its introduction to Montreal’s streets[Read More…]

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