A vegetarian option. (Elizabeth Flannery / McGill Tribune)

International Food Festival offers a taste of diversity

Last Friday, the Borderless World Volunteers’ International Food Festival was held in the SSMU ballroom. The Festival, which aimed at sharing global culinary delights and cultural experiences, was another reminder of McGill’s exciting diversity.  All proceeds from the event went towards student-planned international development projects, such as the construction of[Read More…]

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Classes are coming to an end, finals are rapidly approaching: it’s the final push. Sometimes it’s difficult to cope with so much stress, but whatever holiday you celebrate, if you stop to think about it, there is a lot to look forward to. Food: The first delight of the holidays[Read More…]

Satay Brothers serve up taste of tradition

In the summer of 2011, Alex and Mat Winnicki opened up a quaint seasonal food stand called Satay Brothers at the Atwater Market. The brothers were astonished with the extraordinary response to their traditional Singaporean street food. Customers quickly began flocking back to their humble shack due to the exceptional[Read More…]

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