Court denies McGill request for discretionary power over ATIs

The Commission d’accès à l’information has ruled against granting McGill the discretionary power to deny Access to Information (ATI) requests. The Oct. 7 ruling comes after McGill submitted a motion last December asking for the ability to deny ATI requests that it deemed “overly broad” or “frivolous,” saying that an[Read More…]

Hearings continue on McGill’s ability to deny ATI requests

Last Thursday, the first hearings took place regarding a motion in which McGill requests the ability to deny past and future Access to Information (ATI) requests. Filed last December, the motion seeks to deny ATI requests submitted by a total of 14 present and former McGill students, as well as the power to deny all future ATI requests that are similar in nature to those of the respondents.

We, too, are McGill

McGill Tribune We are seven staff members who were working in the fifth floor offices of the James Administration Building on Thursday, Nov. 10 when 14 protesters broke in and forcibly occupied our workspaces.  We would like to add our voices and experiences as staff members to the public record[Read More…]

Ten years later, McGill remembers 9/11

This Sunday marked the tenth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The attacks shocked America, Canada, and the world, and even now maintain a deep, palpable psychological grip on many. While the attacks happened hundreds of miles away, Canada and the[Read More…]

McGill baseball sets the bar for all other sports programs

The Redmen are National Champions. You aren’t going to hear that phrase often at McGill unless you’re talking about the baseball program, which won it all in ‘06, made the final in ‘08, and climbed to the pinnacle yet again this past weekend, winning the national championships. Despite entering the[Read More…]

David Suzuki discusses his legacy in lecture at McGill

Anna Bock David Suzuki, the famed Canadian author and environmentalist, was welcomed by the McGill Bookstore last Tuesday. With the release of his newest book The Legacy: An Elder’s Vision for our Sustainable Future, the author addressed an eager McGill audience in a full Pollack Hall, presenting what he referred[Read More…]

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