Canada Post: a failure

This past week, I had to express mail something to South Africa. On my way to the post office in La Cite, past experience made me think that no matter how much I paid, there was no chance in hell my package would arrive by November. I trudged over to[Read More…]

Pulling an all nighter vs. running a marathon

 This past Sunday, I joined 35,000 other runners and toed the line in the Chicago marathon. I also had four midterms scheduled in the six days surrounding the race, making for one exhausting week. Surprisingly, I’ve learned that running 26.2 miles and staying up all night follow a similar process,[Read More…]

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

These nasty little bastards can smell fruit and alcohol from a mile away, and they breed faster than bunnies. Drosophila live for a month, and their favourite activities are eating and reproducing, both of which are possible in a fruit bowl. A single fruit fly from an unsanitary grocery shelf[Read More…]

Olive et Gourmando: the Old Port’s Trendiest Lunch Spot

Old Montreal is famous for its history and French vibe, and, unfortunately, its overpriced food. Tourists abound in this part of the city, and restauranteurs have taken note, feeling free to charge as much as $5 for an ice cream cone. Olive et Gourmando is one of the few café-bistros left that doesn’t cater to tourists or charge outrageous prices.

So You Want to Procrastinate on the Internet

The Daily Beast The Daily Beast covers news, entertainment, books, art, and food, with both original content and through links to other news outlets. Their “Cheat Sheet,” which summarizes top stories, is the best way to get news fast. The Awl You may not have time to read the entire Internet, but Awl does.

The Tribune’s Guide to Electives

There are hundreds of great electives to choose from this year, but if you’re number 25 on the waitlist, try one of these courses you never knew existed. CHEM 180, 181, 182, 183: World of Chemistry Profs: Ariel Fenster, David Nobel Harpp, Joe Schwartz The founders of the Office for Science and Society team up again for the faculty’s most popular course series.

Gruyere Mac and Cheese

This French twist on macaroni and cheese is a holiday classic in my family that is usually served with beef bourguignon, homemade rolls, and a few too many glasses of red wine. Now that I’ve moved back into my Montreal apartment after a summer away from home, curling up with this cheesy treat is the perfect way to relax after class and let the nostalgia kick in.

Women helping women

In 2011, Winnipeg is planning to open Manitoba’s first birthing centre, where mothers can give birth in a less clinical atmosphere with the assistance of midwives, nurses, and doulas. While it’s a step forward for natural births in the province, midwifery and natural births are still the minority among birthing practices in Canada.

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